Air Force Cross WW1 , 1914/15 trio, Dvr.-A/Cpl. H.A.C. & 2.Lieut. R.A.F. group

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A.F.C. (GV), 1914/15 Star (Dvr.- A-Cpl. H.A.C.), B.W.M., Victory, (2/Lieut. R.A.F.)

E. Priest

A.F.C.  L.G. 8/2/1919 Services in Egypt

B. 1888, of Brockley Rd. Brockley London S.E.23. MIC address shows changed to the National Provident Bank of Hove. Served in Egypt with H.A.C. 29/4/1915 to R.A.F. as Cadet 20/5/1918 from B.S.Mjr. H.A.C., 2.Lieut (O) 22/6/1918, to 64 Naval Wing (Seaplanes) at Port Said, 20/7/1918, (269 Squadron). To UK for disposal, 19/3/1919.

A potentially good AFC.  (good look online but not official sources). Quickly won and clearly not an award for extended service.



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