Distinguished Service Cross, Mercantile Marine for a successful submarine attack

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D.S.C. (GV), B.W.M. Victory (Lieut. R.N.R.), Mercantile Marine (James H. Arnold)

L.G 22/6/1917

Whilst commanding  H.M.T. 'Tenby Castle'

Classified Report states (from Arnold) 'i immediately altered course to port to bring my 12 - pdr. into action meanwhile firing with the 3 - pdr.  Shells from the 3- pdr. fell short. The first shell from my 12 -pdr.  fired at a range of 7600 yards struck the submarine at the lower part of his conning tower. The third shell struck submarine in the same place as the first shell. I saw the submarine heel over and disappear. I ceased firing  and proceeded at once to the position of the submarine and found the surfce thickly coated with oil.'

Court of enquiry records the first shot holing the submarine and the third shot 'considerably increased the size of the hole'

A Seaman, on the bridge with binoculars confirmed the report and seeing the submarine holed. With further copies of the two gunner reports

His papers record born Sunderland 1890.


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