D.S.O., (1944), D.F.C., (1944), A.F.C. (1943), Norway Medal of Freedom, 6 Log Books. Pathfinders Immediate DSO for completing an attack whilst severely damaged, 55 ops with Pathfinders.

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D.S.O. (GV1) reverse 1944, D.F.C. reverse 1944, A.F.C. reverse 1943, 1939/45 Star, bar Bomber Command,  Air Crew Europe Star with France and Germany Bar,  Defence Medal,  War Medal, Norway, Freedom Medal.

W/C. Leonard Mountstephen Whetham, R.A.F.

Mounted as worn

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Six log books, (complete service)

Three Pilot's Certificate and Licence.

Valuable Service in the Air (l.g. 1/1/1949) Original Certificate

Named box of issue for Bomber Command clasp

D.S.O. L.G.  2/3/1945. (Immediate award) A/W. Cmdr. D.F.C., A.F.C. 35 Sqdn. Citation in the London Gazette.

'One night in November 1944, Wing Commander Whetham piloted an aircraft in an attack on Dusseldorf. Almost immediately after taking off, the port outer engine failed. Despite the loss of engine power this officer continued to the target. When approaching the Ruhr defences extremely accurate anti-aircraft fire was encountered. The aircraft was hit. Considerable structural damage was sustained and a large amount of oxygen was lost. Nevertheless, Wing Commander Whetham executed an excellent bombing run and afterwards flew the aircraft safely back to base. This officer has completed a large number of sorties against strongly defended targets. He has displayed high qualities of skill and leadership and throughout his devotion to duty has been unfailing.'

D.F.C. L.G. 15/9/1944. A/W. Cmdr. A.F.C. 35 Sqdn. Recommendation states:-

'Wing Commander Whetham has proved himself to be an outstandingly successful operational Captain. His attacks have been pressed home in spite of heavy opposition, whilst engaged in a most vital role. At all times he has displayed great tenacity and determination to achieve his objective. Wing Commander Whetham has set a fine example to his Crew by his skill, courage and coolness in action. His cheerfulness and enthusiasm to proceed on operations against the enemy on every possible occasion is a great encouragement to the Flight he commands. In recognition of this Officer's devotion to duty at all times, he is recommended for a non-immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.'

A.F.C. L.G. 2/6/1943. Flt. Lt. 271 Sqdn

'This officer has been in command of a flight for over 2 years, during which time he has flown on several long distance flights including a number to Iceland. He has always shown the greatest keenness for his work, setting a fine example by consistent devotion to duty, often in difficult circumstances. To his untiring efforts must be attributed a large share of the squadron's success.'

For Valuable Service in the Air

L.G. 1/1/1949

Norway, King Haakon V11 Freedom Medal. L.G. 9/7/1946. 'The King has granted unrestricted permission for the wearing of the undermentioned decorations, conferred upon the personnel indicated in recognition of valuable services rendered in connection with the war.

Wing Commander L.M.S.Whetham b. Bridport, 1914  entered R.A.F. 1933. Served at the outbreak of WW2  with 271 Squadron flying Harrow's. In September 1943 he was posted to 35 (Pathfinder) Sqdn. His  Ops commenced  on the 27th September 1943 to Hannover as Blind Marker, this follows with his second two days later to Bochum and with two Ops in October to Kassel and Frankfurt both as Blind Marker. He Converted to Pilot on Halifaxes in October 1943 with and was back on Ops in December 1943 with a trip to Frankfurt on the 20th and  on the 29th to Berlin. In January he had four further Ops to Berlin (2), (28 Jan. 33 Lancs lost being over 6% on the force) Magdeburg and Heligoland. February four further Ops to Berlin, Stuttgart, Schweinfurt and Flugsburg. In March he converted  to Lancasters and flew two Ops to Frankfurt and one to Berlin. His 18th Op in April was to Cologne and on the 30th on Acheres (Paris) Marshalliing Yard. He qualified for his Path Finder Force Badge on the 26th April.

In May he carried out six Ops on targets in France including Boulogne and Bourg Leopold (Panzer Depot) and one on Dortmund. On the 5th June he attacks the Maisy Gun Battery with further raids to Rennes, Massy Palaisseau, Arras and Courbonne. On the 25th June  Montorqueil (Buzz Bomb Site).
In July 1944 his 33rd Op was on the 4th to Villneuve St.George, followed by one on the 7th to Caen, his logbook states’Tactical target, Tank concentration', on the 11th  Gabennes (Buzz Bomb) 'Leader Formation on Oboe Mosquito'. His other Ops for July include Les Landes, Wesseling Fuel Plant, Wizernes (Buzz Bomb), Stuttgart (2). August 1944 saw Ops to Acquet,  noted in his log book as having Troop and Machine gun concentration, Douai, Russelsheim Opel Works, and Stettin. In September his Ops are Havre, Frankfurt and Calais. His 50th Op was to Saarbrucken, followed by Cologne, West Kapelle and a return to Cologne. November 1944 saw his two final Ops to Oberhausen on the 1st November and his 55th Op on the 2nd November to Dusseldorf.
His post war service included jets, Provosts and  Meteors 7's  He  retired on the 6th July 1959.

Superb combination of wartime awards

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