Army Gold Medal for Talavera group with Sultan's Medal for Egypt & France, Order of Military Merit, a veteran of the rebellion in Ireland 1898, in the Egypt campaign 1801 and commanded the light companies of the 4th Division

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Army Gold Medal for Talavera (Major, 97th Foot), Sultan's Gold Medal for Egypt 3rd. class, 43 m.m.,  complete with chain & hook, France, Order of Military Merit, 2nd Restoration

Colonel Sir Aretas William Young, later Governor of Prince Edward Island

From his obituary 1835 

This officer entered Portmore's Regiment as an Ensign in 1795, purchased a lieutenancy in the 13th Foot in the following year; and a Company in the same in 1796. He served with the 13th in Ireland in the rebellion; and in the Egyptian campaign of 1801, for which he received a medal; and was subsequently employed for several years in Sicily and at Gibraltar, as A.D.C. to Gen. the Hon. H.E. Fox.

In Dec. 1807 he was promoted to be Major in 97th Regiment with which he served in the Peninsula campaigns of 1808-1810 and 1811, and was engaged in the battles of Vimiera, Talavera, and Busaco; at Redinha, the taking of Olivence, the first seige of Badajoz. Whenever the 4th Division was in movement, the light companies were entrusted to his charge; and during a part of the retreat of the army from the frontiers of Portugal to the lines of Torres Vedras, those companies were embodied under his command as a light battalion. In an affair with the enemy  at Sobral, his horse was shot dead under him; and as remarked by a General Officer "on every occasion, in every difficulty, and in many hours of trial , by the example he set, the steps he trod, he led the men cheerfully and fearlessly to their duty"

The 97th, owing to it's thinning ranks, having been ordered to England, he was promoted to a Lieutenant-Colonelcy, in the 3rd West India Regiment, stationed at Trinidad, and with the five companies of that corps was sent to join the expedition against Guadaloupe in 1815, and received one of the badges of the Order of Merit, presented by Louis XV111.

After his return to Trinidad, he was selected by Sir James Leith to command the troops in Grenada and on leaving the regiment, was presented by the Assembly of Grenada,  a sword of one hundred guineas value.

In Jan. 1826 Lt. Col. Young was appointed to the newly created office of his Majesty's Protector of Slaves in Demerara. He thereupon retired from the Army, by the sale of his commission; but was allowed by his Majesty to retain the local rank of Lieut.-Col. 'In consideration of the merit and value of his services, and of the zeal, intelligence, and gallantry with which he has discharged every duty.

In July 1831, he was promoted to be Lieut.-Governor of Prince Edward's Island; and on the 9th of  July, 1834, he received the honour of knighthood. For seven months preceeding his decease, he had been confined to his bed with an inflamation of the knee, for which no satisfactory cause could be assigned. His body was interred at the New English Church, being honoured with a public funeral.'

States 'Abridged from a longer memoir, which will be found in the United StatesJounal for March'

Slight 'smoking' of the edges of the reverse lunette

A lovely grouping



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