Punjab 2 clasps, Chilianwala, Goojerat 61st Foot wounded at Chilianwala, matchlock ball left thigh

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Product code: A3160

Item condition: V.F.

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Medal Description

Punjab 2 clasps, Chilianwala, Goojerat, Wm. Fenner,  61st  Foot, wounded at Chilianwala, matchlock ball left thigh

Copy service papers, from Cavan. Disch. due to 'large varix left leg and having received a flesh penetrating G.S. wound left thigh....conduct described as good, although convicted for desertion 'forfeited 5 years service upon conviction, service restored 1850. Convicted for desertion from 14th-31st July, 1848 (surrendered) & losing his bayonet by neglect; sentenced to 6 lunar months iimprisonment, but served only 2 months'




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