Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry, GVI, 1st issue, to Sub-Inspr. Ceylon Police L.G. 15/6/1945

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Colonial Police Medal, GVI, 1st issue, for Gallantry

Sub-Inspr. William B. Middleton, Ceylon Police

L.G. 15/6/1945, The King has 'been graciously pleased to approve the award of the Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry to is t Class Sub-Inspector Leslie Chalmers Abeyesekera, Temporary Sub-Inspector William Bertram Middleton and 2nd Class 3rd Grade Police Sergeant Babarenda Vidana Arachchigamage Sirisena, of the Ceylon Police Force.

William B. Middleton is known to have been residing in Ceylon as early as 1933, a copied extract from the Aberdeen Press and Journal, 8 September 1933 listing 'Miss M. Middleton and Mr. W.B. Middleton, Ceylon' amongst a list of 'Visitors from the Ends of the Earth' for the sizeable gathering of around 30,000 people for the famous Scottish Braemar celebrations which took place in the Princess Royal Park. Additionally there were  Middleton Tea Estates of Danbulla, Sri Lanka, and possibly a link there. 

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