Crimea D.C.M. group with Balaklava, 11 Hussars. Whilst not a 'Charger' was one of 2 orderlies to Dr St. Croix attd 11th Hussars, at Balaklava, both of who received the D.C.M.

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D.C.M. (VR ) (11th Hussars - officially impressed), Crimea, 4 clasps, Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann, Sebastopol, (11th Dragoons, engraved), L.S.G.C. (VR-  709 11th Hussars), Turkish Crimea, Sardinian issue.

Luke Oakley

The circumstances behind the awards are uncertain though logically Oakley's and that to Sergeant Archer were awarded for the rescuing of and tending to the wounded at Balaklava.  

His memorial at Wirksworth Church records

'In loving remembrance of Luke Oakley who was born at Yapton near Arundel Sussex and died at Wirksworth February 18th 1870 aged 65 years. He enlisted 20th Jany 1832 in the11th Hussars in which he served more than 24 years. He was 4 years in India also throughout the Crimean War, was present at the following engagements viz. Alma, Inkerman, Balaclava and Sebastopol. For his gallant service he received the following decorations, Crimean Medal with 4 clasps also a Turkish Medal, Medal of distinguished conduct in the field, and the one for long service and good conduct. He also received five good conduct badges. On the 20th of October 1854 at the Battle of Balaclava he was appointed Orderly to Dr. St Croix Cross (Surgeon attached 11th Hussars at Balaklava). By his comrades he was called the model of the Regiment. He also served 14 years in the Civil Service and was in receipt of pensions from both services. To sum up in a few words he was a genial, kindly, modest Englishman and a brave soldier also of Ann his wife who died December 14th 1906 aged 88 years."

Luke Oakley, enl. 11th Dragoons 1832 and served for 24 years. His early service clearly accounting for his choice of regiment engraved on his Crimea as in 1840 they became the 11th Hussars. His brothers Frank and Edward also served with the regiment having enlisted in 1828 and 1829 respectively. He was recommended for the DCM in early 1855 though was not to receive his award until 1857. His DCM was sent to the Crimea in March as Oakley was invalided to England. The medal was returned to England and sent to the regiment in August 1857. 

Small edge bruise to Crimea GVF , LSGC & DCM


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