Distinguished Service Order in gold with I.G.S. Burma 1885-7 Royal Indian Marine

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D.S.O., (V.R.), gold and enamel, I.G.S. 1854, clasp, Burma 1885-7


Captn. A. Campbell, H.M. I.M.S. C.I.E. D.S.O.


reverse of top bar with pin removed to facilitate mounting.


D.S.O. London Gazette 20 May 1887 Alexander Campbell, Capt, R.I.M. 'For operations in Burma.' 


A unique award to the Royal Indian Marine

As effective commodore or sailing master of the fleet of

conducting 28 steamers, with flats, smoothly and regularly up a shallow river without pilots. The Irrawaddy, Kathleen and Marine Survey Party helped, but Captain Campbell was the real Commodore, or sailing-master of the fleet of 28 steamers, that operated  regularly up a shallow river without pilots. 

Captain Alexander Campbell, C.I.E., D.S.O.  born 1839 Ballyatton, Country Down, Ireland; employed as an Apprentice aboard the Acadia from 1854,  Third Officer in the Delgancy, 1858;  2nd Officer in the Barousmore, and was one of the 19 survivors when she foundered in a cyclone in 1863; joined the Indian Marine as a 1st Grade Officer for service in the Clyde, August 1865; subsequentLY Coromandel and the Sir John Lawrence, promoted Commander,  1867 and  duties of Superintendent of Marine; appointed Port Officer Rangoon, 1883, and Staff Officer Bombay Dockyard the following year; he served as Transport Officer Calcutta, from October 1885; in this capacity he was employed in connection with the 1885-87 Burma Expeditionary Force, Acting Deputy Director Indian Marine, May 1886; Staff Officer Bombay Dockyard, April 1887; Officiating Director Indian Marine, May 1887; Deputy Director Indian Marine, Bombay,November 1888; Officiating Director Indian Marine, Bombay, May 1890; Deputy Director Karachi Dockyard, August 1890; Officiating Director Bombay Dockyard, October 1891; Deputy Director Karachi Dockyard, October 1891; retired 1894 (created C.I.E. October 1893);  resided at Rathgael, Bedford. Died 1914

Three Officers of the Royal Indian Marine were recommended for  reward for their services during the Burma Campaign 1885-87. two being promoted in rank and  one, Captain Alexander Campbell, received his decoration

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