D.S.O. (GV) group to Vice-Admiral R.N. killed in action, Commodore commanding Convoy SC-94, a destroyer commander at the battles of Dogger Bank, Heligoland Bight and Jutland.(MID). 1 of 2 R.N. officers for Aro 1901-02

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Distinguished Service Order, (GV),  Q.S.A., 2 clasps, Cape Colony, South Africa 1901 (Sub. Lieut. , R.N., H.M.S. Thrush.),  A.G.S.  clasp, Aro 1901-1902 (Sub: Lieut, H.M.S. Thrush),  1914-15 Star (Commr.  R.N.),  B.W.M. ,Victory, with M.I.D. oak leaves (Commr.  R.N.)  (1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, War Medal.
Original court mounting but the first detached, WW2 medals loose and added later to represent entitlement
45 clasps only for Aro 1901-1902 issued to the Royal Navy, all to H.M.S. Thrush, including 2 officers and a surgeon.
80 Q.S.A. medals to H.M.S. Thrush, but only 15 with clasps, including 2 officers and a surgeon.
D.S.O. L.G.  8/3/1918.
‘For services in Destroyer and Torpedo Boat Flotillas during the period ending 31st December 1917.'
M.I.D. London Gazette 15/9/1916:
‘For services in the Battle of Jutland.’
Dashwood Fowler Muir was born at St Andrews, Scotland,  1880, Royal Naval Naval Cadet 1894; Midshipman,  1896, Sub-Lieutenant,  1900, Lieutenant, 1902, Lieutenant-Commander,  1910; Commander,  1914; Captain, 1919; Rear-Admiral, 1931, ret.  Vice-Admiral,  1936.
After a period as Midshipman in the battleship Renown in the Mediterranean, Moir was appointed as Sub-Lieutenant to the screw gunboat Thrush on the Cape of Good Hope station, where he participated in the latter stages of the South African war (Medal with 2 clasps) and afterwards in the Aro operations of 1901-02 on the coast of West Africa, and was ‘favourably mentioned in connection with the expedition up the Niger River’ (Medal with clasp).
In  1907,  commanded,  Torpedo Boat No. 7, and T.B. No. 117 in  1909. He was appointed to the command of the destroyer Ariel in January 1912 and commanded her in the actions of Dogger Bank and Heligoland Bight in 1914. In December 1914 he took command of the destroyer Goshawk in which he fought at the battle of Jutland when he commanded a division of the First Destroyer Flotilla. He was mentioned in despatches following the battle. In 1917 he was given the new destroyer Vimiera and in July 1918  the Valhalla.
He left Valhalla in January 1919, and in December 1920 he commanded Bruce at the head of the Fourth Destroyer Flotilla.  In early 1931 he was given command of H.M.S. Glorious, an aircraft carrier on patrol in the Mediterranean.
Placed on the Retired List as Rear-Admiral in July 1931, he was promoted to Vice Admiral in 1936.
In the Second World War he was created Commodore (Second Class) in the Royal Navy Reserve in October 1941 and put on active duty supporting convoys at the rank of Commodore of Convoy. He successfully led Convoy ON-36 and Convoy HX-165, the latter he controlled from H.M.S. Pacific Explorer to the rear.
Convoy SC-94 set off from Sydney, Nova Scotia, in July 1942 with Moir acting as Commodore of the merchant fleet in the Trehata. The convoy was discovered by a German ‘wolf pack’ on 5 August and over the course of the next five days eleven merchant ships were sunk by the U-boats. The Trehata was torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-176 on 8 August, near Cape Farewell on the Greenland coast, with the loss of 31 lives including that of Vice-Admiral Dashwood Moir who was declared ‘missing presumed dead’ on the following day.
He was one of the most senior Royal Navy officers to be killed in the Second World War. He is commemorated by name on the Liverpool Naval Memorial.
Sold with a small silver trophy cup by Mappin & Webb, London 1935, inscribed ‘Royal Navy and Royal Marines Golfing Society Handicap Challenge Cup presented by R.N. and R.M. Sports Control Board. 1938 D. F. Moir V-A’
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