A good 1914 Distinguished Service Medal group H.M.S. Lennox, Battle of Texel (Action of 17 October 1914) resulting in the sinking of 4 German T.B. Destroyers

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D.S.M. (GV - Ch. Sto. H.M.S. Lennox), 1914/15 Star (Ch. Sto. D.S.M.), B.W.M., Victory, Naval L.S.G.C. (GV - H.M.S. Pembroke) F. Johnson

L.G. 30/6/1916 'For services in the engagement with four German Torpedo Boat Destroyers on 17th October, 1914.

One of ten DSMs. for this action. A British squadron consisting of a light cruiser and four Laforey class destoyers came upon a part German Flotilla under Korvettenkapitain Georg Thiel. Lennox engaged the S115 reducing it to a  wreck, one salvo destroying her bridge. Lennox eventually took the defenceless S115 by boarding finding only one remaining German who surrendered. A further 30 Germans from the various ships were plucked from the sea, these being the only survivors. All four German vessels were sunk. To their credit not one struck her colours.


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