A good pre war Palestine B.E.M. group Royal Engineers (42 F. Coy) who's services included dealing with explosives and booby traps

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British Empire Medal, (Military) (GVI)., ( Lce. Cpl. R.E.); G.S.M.  clasp, Palestine ( Spr. L. Morris, ),  1939/45 Star, Africa Star, War Medal,  L.S. G.C.  (GV1) ( Spr. R.E.), 

L. Morris

B.E.M. L.G. 11/5/1937.

One of just eight such awards for the pre-war Palestine operations and  unique  to the Royal Engineers.

Services of 42nd Field Company included the punitive destruction of Arab houses and  the removal of booby-traps

Two  officers from the same unit received M.B.Es for this period of operations in Palestine, their recommendations citing ‘the destruction by explosives of houses in Old Jaffa.’

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