Indian Police for Distinguished Conduct (GV1) awarded under reg d(1) An award for Gallantry for the disarming after a severe struggle a Muslim fanatic armed with a sword. A particularly rare gallantry award

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Indian Police for Distinguished Conduct (GV1)

Munsaf Hussain Shah, Foot Constable No 390. Punjab

Awarded under reg d(1)  An award for Gallantry

Gazette of India 16/9/1939

Foot Constable Munsaf Hussain Shah joined the Punjab Police in July, 1932. On the morning of the 1st. August, 1939, when a Sikh shopkeeper of Jhelum City was opening his shop, murderous and unprovoked assault was made on him by a fanatical Muslim armed with a sword. Bystanders and neighbouring shopkeepers took to their heels, but Foot Constable Munsaf Hussain Shah, who was on traffic duty, immediately ran to the assistance of the shopkeeper and although unnarmed grappled with the assailant and after a severe struggle succeeded in overpowering and disarming him.'

A particularly rare gallantry award


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