Kings Police Medal (GV), Bombay Police, an award for gallantry for the rescue of a young girl from a blaze in circumstances of the greatest danger

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Kings Police Medal (GV), 1st issue, on Gallantry ribbon.

John Acton, 3rd Gr. Insp. Ahmedabad. Bombay Police

Recommendation states, ‘On the 18th April 1913, a fire broke out in a house in Ahmedabad, and on receipt of the information Mr Acton at once proceeded to the scene. On arrival he learnt that all the inmates of the house had escaped except for a young girl aged 12 years, who, he was informed, was in the top room. Mr Acton at once obtained a ladder and mounted a barred window outside the room pointed out to him. He had to wrench out the bars before he could enter the room, and on his first attempt to search for the girl was forced back by the dense volumes of smoke; but he resumed his efforts after drenching his clothes and covering his face with a wet cloth. He discovered the body of the girl and carried it out but unfortunately too late to save the girl’s life. Mr Acton ran considerable risk as the floor of the room collapsed a few minutes later.’


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