Meritorious Service Medal for Gallantry (GV), Railway Operating Division, R.E.

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Meritorious Service Medal for Gallantry (GV)

Spr.-L.Cpl. J. Chamberlain, R.E.

L.G. 24/1/1919 'For gallantry in the performance of military duty, Spr (L/C) R.O.D. (R.E.) (Droylsden)

Official recommendation 'On 28th July, 1918, No 44916 2nd Corpl. J. Chamberlain, ROD, RE was driving a light engine to  water point at Canaples, when he saw that the rear portion of an ammunition train in front of his had broken away and was running down the line towards him; the trucks were 140 yards when he caught sight of them.He at once stopped his engine, reversed and ran ahead of the trucks till they overtook him: he then applied the engine brakes and managed to pull up just before  reaching Pernois station. During this operation he gave short blasts  on his whistle  as a warning to other traffic. The runaway portion of the train consisted of 29 ammunition trucks and a brake van, containing two Frenchmen, and was comletely out of control.

2nd Corpl. Chamberlain displayed conspicuous courage, devotion to duty, and presence of mind on this occasion, and by his promptitude undoudtedly  averted an accident which might have caused loss of life and serios damage to property'

With copy Short Service papers. B. Harwich, Essex , a locomotive driver by trade. Enl. at Ardwick, Manchester, residing off Fairfax Road, Droyslden

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