Military Cross group with Memorial Plaque, Welch Regt. killed in action, 9/9/1916 with a fine citation

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M.C. (GV), B.W.M., Victory, (Captain), Memorial Plaque (Alfred George Hayman)

Killed in action, High Wood, 8/9/1916

L.G. 20/10/1916

'For conspicuous gallantry during operations. He commanded his company in the front trenches during several days of very heavy shelling, and set a fine example, though he himself was buried three times. He was wounded on the first day, but refused to be sent back.'

With copy service papers and various pubished extracts.

Captain Alfred G Hayman, of Hapsford House, Frome. He was a great-nephew of  Captain Morrish who fought in the Peninsula Campaign and on the fields of Waterloo in the Foot Guards, and of Colonel Sherwell of the Scots Greys who fell mortally wounded while leading his men in the sabre charge at Balaklava. Born at Clifton in February, 1884, Captain Hayman was educated at Malvern College. He held a commission  in the 3rd Welch Regiment from 1904 till 1912, resigning in the latter year on going to Canada to take up ranching. Soon after the outbreak of war he joined the Canadian Mounted Rifles, but on his return to England he again accepted a commission in the 3rd Welsh Regiment, being promoted to his Captaincy inDecember, 1915. In the fllowing February he went to the Western Front, where he saw much fighting. Nine days after he won his Military Cross he fell on September 9th, 1916, while leading his company in an attack at High Wood.'

A fellow officer in regard of Hayman's award of the Military Cross and his subsequent death wrote to his widow -

'No man more thoroughly deserved it. He was killed by a shell in a trench called Anderson Trench, running along the side of High Wood...death  being abolutely instaneous. A  lot of men in his Company, used as they are to death, were crying like children over his death, and no greater tribute can be paid to an officer. I look back on all my friends who have gone and above all stands one - a little higher, a little nobler, a little finer than all the rest - your husband.'




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