Military Medal, (EIIR), group, (Duke of Wellingtons), For gallantry in close quarter action, on patrol in Korea on 17 May 1953 'Wounded and single handed he inflicted many casualties upon the enemy and enabled the men of his patrol to return unscathed'

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M.M., (EIIR), ( A/L/Cpl.  D.W.R.); Korea 1950-53 ( Pte.  (M.M.) D.W.R.); U.N. Korea, 

M.M. L.G. 26/6/1953.

H. Bailey

Recommendtion states:

'On the night of 17th May 1953 Lance Corporal Bailey was in command of a patrol of two British and two Korean soldiers covering an important spur leading up to the battalion main position.

Shortly after reaching their destination they were attacked by a force of about 12 Chinese. The patrol opened fire. Three enemy were seen to fall., the remainder taking cover and returning the fire with automatic weapons and grenades. Lance Corporal Bailey was wounded by a bullet in the hand, but continued to fire his sten gun and to give directions to his patrol. During a lull in the action he noticed that the two Korean soldiers had withdrawn, owing, it was subsequently discovered, to a misunderstanding of orders. Realising that he was heavily outnumbered Lance Corporal Bailey ordered the other two members of his patrol to return to their own lines whilst he himself remained to cover them.

As they withdrew, the enemy attempted to rush forward, but Lance Corporal Bailey, although in great pain and under fire, continued to shoot his sten gun thereby holding them back. Having exhausted his ammunition, Lance Corporal Bailey then rolled himself down the steep slope of the spur and in so doing lost his sten gun. After remaining motionless for a short time he heard the enemy patrol moving about and talking above him. Crawling once more to the top of the slope he observed several Chinese engaged in collecting and removing their casualties. Realising that his patrol must have reached safety, Lance Corporal Bailey again attacked the enemy, this time with grenades, and having put them to rout made his way back to his own lines.

Throughout the engagement Lance Corporal Bailey displayed great coolness and bravery. Wounded and single handed he inflicted many casualties upon the enemy and enabled the men of his patrol to return unscathed.'

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