Military Medal (GV1) 2nd type. Award for Korea. Essex Regiment attd. 1. Norfolks whilst covering a withdrawal from an ambush when wounded whilst firing his bren gun from his hip in the open.

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Military Medal, (GVI), 2nd issue (Pte. Essex), 1939/45 Star, War Medal,  G.S.M. clasp, Palestine 1945-48  (Pte. Suffolk. R.),  Korea 1950-53  (Cpl. M.M., Norfolk), U.N. Korea, 

Mounted as originally worn.

M.M. L.G. 8/4/1952.

R.S. Critcher

(R. Critcher  on GSM & Korea, same reg. number throughout. Essex regiment attd. 1/Norfolks.

Korea casualties record Cpl. R. Critcher, Norfolk Regt. wounded 1950

Recommendation submitted by by Lieutenant-Colonel J. H. R. Orlebar, 1/Norfolk R. for an immediate award 

‘Samichon Valley, Korea: On the night of 19-20 February 1952, Private Critcher was a member of a fighting patrol sent out by ‘D’ Company, 1st Battalion, The Royal Norfolks, to lay an ambush for enemy patrols approximately midway between the Chinese lines and those of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Norfolks, which at this point are separated by a valley a mile wide. It was a very dark night, and the patrol moved in single file along a frozen mud road, led by the Patrol Commander, 2nd Lieutenant Keen, who was followed by his wireless operator and then Private Critcher, armed with a Bren gun. When the patrol had reached a point within two hundred yards of the area selected for the ambush it was engaged by a party of at least 12 Chinese who opened fire with grenades and automatic weapons from a range of ten yards.

During the first moments of the battle the Patrol Commander was wounded in the head and was deafened in both ears by grenades which exploded around him. The patrol itself was in a very difficult situation as it had not had time to deploy and bring fire to bear on the enemy. Private Critcher, with complete disregard for his own safety, and in spite of a bullet wound in the groin, stood up and fired his Bren gun from the hip to give the patrol time to reorganise itself and to deploy.

On three occasions Private Critcher endeavoured to find a suitable fire position for his Bren gun, but on each occasion the gun was knocked over by blast from grenades. Private Critcher then continued to fire from the hip, standing up, although he must have presented a clear target at such short range because of the flash from his Bren gun. The patrol was enabled to extricate itself from the ambush by Private Critcher’s actions, and his presence of mind and courageous action undoubtedly prevented more serious casualties to the rest of the patrol. It was not until the patrol had disengaged itself and withdrawn some three hundred yards, under Private Critcher’s covering fire, that it was discovered that he had been wounded. This courageous action on the part of Private Critcher and his initiative and determination shown by him on this occasion were outstanding.’

Minor official correction to unit on MM

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