M.M. (GV1) R. Fusiliers. Excellent award for the Western Desert in going forward in his bren carrier and taking an enemy position during which he was wounded and his driver killed

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Medal Description

M.M. (GVI)

Cpl. J. Horsfield. R. Fus.

L.G.  25/4/1941

In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East.

The Recommendation states:

‘Corporal Horsfield was ordered by Captain Wilson to take his Carrier forward and attack a strong point which was holding up the advance of the 3/1st Punjab Regiment. He advanced in the face of intense anti-tank and machine gun fire. His driver was killed and he was wounded, but not before the post was captured. This action was noted by the Officer Commanding, 3/1st Punjab Regiment, and was personally commended by him.’

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