Guelphic Medal for Bravery 1815, Waterloo (Corporal 1st Reg. Hussars K.G.L.)

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Guelphic Medal for Bravery 1815 (Wilhelm Decke) fitted with contemporary replacement silver suspension in the form of an entwined serpent, Waterloo  (Corp. William Decke, 1st Reg. Hussars K.G.L.)  with original steel clip and ring suspension

Awarded the Guelphic Medal on 24 April 1837:

‘On the 1st of October 1810, the squadron to which Decke belonged, was on picquet near Coimbra, and was attacked many times by the French, at a defile, which the squadron had to pass, and in order to clear which, the hussars were obliged frequently to charge superior numbers of the enemy’s cavalry. Decke distinguished himself on this occasion by great bravery and presence of mind. In one charge he and three other hussars were entirely cut off. He did not therefore give himself up for lost, but, together with two of his comrades, boldly cut his way through; one of the hussars was killed, and Decke and the two others were both wounded’ (Ref Beamish p506).

Von Wissell further records:

‘On the 18th July 1812, near Salamanca, he performed a similar deed.

At Puebla, on 20th June 1813, Hussars Dorges and Decke were of essential service to Sergeant Kohlenberg in capturing a number of enemy infantrymen. All three distinguished themselves as brave soldiers also at Toulouse’ (Ref Von Wissell pp 24 and 66).

Wilhelm Decke (also spelt Decken, Deecken, Deeken and Deken in the muster rolls) originated from Walsrode, a small town between Bremen and Hanover, and is listed as a recruit for the King’s German Legion Depot at Hilsea from 12 February 1806. He was transferred to the 1st Light Dragoons (Hussars from December 1813) on 16 May 1806. After a period in Ireland and again in England, he served in Portugal, Spain and France from June 1809 to January 1814; and in France and Flanders from September 1814, being promoted to Corporal on 25 December, until 24 June 1815, when he returned to Hanover, where the regiment was disbanded on 24 February 1816.

Also entitled to the M.G.S. medal, 5 clasps.

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