Korea group Gloucester Regiment wounded & taken prisoner of war Imjin River 26/4/1951, also a Prisoner of war at St. Valery, June, 1940

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1939/45 Star, War Medal, Korea (5773465 Pte. J. W. Jones. Glosters), U.N. Korea

John William Jones was born, 1919 enl. Norfolk Regiment,  June 1939. Served withB.E.F., and was taken Prisoner of War at St. Valery on 13 June 1940. Held at Stalag 20A at Thorn, Poland, from July to August 1940, and then in  at Groudenze and Ribenz. He Reserve in 1946, and recalled to the Colours for service in Korea, and served with the Gloucestershire Regiment.

Present at the Battle of Imjin, April 1951, he was in Captain Harvey’s party during the break out on 25 April, but was one of those men unlucky enough not to get through, as recorded by testimony provided by Private D. Fox of ‘D’ Company. As the party was crossing the river just north of Taechon, Fox had stopped to help some of the smaller men to get across the river, which was quite deep in parts. As a result he fell behind and was eventually picked up by a party of seven North Korean soldiers. After an escape and a second recapture Fox finally regained his freedom when he was unexpectedly released arriving at Allied lines on 12 May 1951. In his statement dated 14 May 1951 he reported: ‘On 25 April 1951 about 15:00 hours I last saw Pte Jones (D Coy) he told me that he had been wounded in the left arm, I am certain that he was captured.’ [Captain Harvey’s group was safe by 12:30, so clearly by 15:00 Private Jones was a straggler with little hope of reaching safety]. Released on 14 August 1953, he arrived back in Southampton on 16 September 1953 and was subsequently discharged, having spent over seven years as a Prisoner of War.

With research, including the recipient’s M.I.9 Prisoner of War Questionnaire.

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