Korea pair Glosters, killed in action, Gloster Hill, Imjin, 25 April 1951

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Korea pair 22184326 Pte. M.E.C. Morriss, Glosters,  killed in action, Gloster Hill, Imjin, 25 April 1951

Served Capt. Harvey's 'D' Coy. 

On the night of 24/25 April what was left of the companies were consolidated on Hill 235, forever after known as Gloster Hill. Being the first to come into action at Imjin on the 22nd the Battalion now Numbered some 350 of whom many were wounded, they faced some 10,000 Chinese.  At dawn on the 25th it is recorded that Bugle-Major sounded reveille to an eerie silence followed by the cheers of the remains of the battalion which re-ignited the battle. In little over an hour seven Chinese attacks were beaten off. The perimeter was a scene of carnage strewn with Chinese killed who attacked in suicidal waves. By 10 a.m. on the 25th, cut off, with no hope of relief and down to the last few rounds per man, the order was given to break out. Those few who made U.N. lines did so mainly in ones and twos. 41 men led by Captain Harvey of D Coy. were the only ones to make it back as a 'unit'

Pte. Morriss who was aged 19, was clearly either killed in thosefinal desperate assaults or during the breakout


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