Korea, UN. Korea Welch R. died of wounds, 11/1/1952 sustained two days earlier, during a patrol in the Samichon Valley,

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Korea  (22437598 Pte. W. P. Moore. Welch.), U.N. Korea 

William Patrick Moore, who was dangerously wounded during a patrol in the Samichon Valley, 11 January 1952, and died of his wounds two days later, aged 19

Born in Torquay, Devon, on 28 February 1932, enlisted December 1950, being allocated to the Welch Regiment. He served with the 1st Battalion in Korea, arriving at Pusan on 29 October 1951. The Battalion occupied forward positions around ‘The Hook’, where they were engaged in continuous patrols on the lookout for enemy attacks. He was dangerously wounded in action during a patrol with ‘C’ Company on 11 January 1952.

Battalion records state on 11 Jan a small patrol led by the patrol comd. 2/Lt. Burgess set off to clear Samichon village and afterwards hill 169. Both these tasks were completed  and no enemy were seen. The patrol was joined by the snipers and R.A.R. officers and proceeded to inspect the enemy diggings on the spur running NE of 169. After clearing the first few trencheds the patrol came under heavy fire from area of hill 157 and three Chinese in the trenches further along the spur. 2/Lt. Burgess was killed and two men were wounded. The patrol killed two of the three Chinese and then withdrew carrying the two wounded  one of whom (presumably Pte. Moore) required six men to carry him. 2/Lt Burgess' body was relieved of revolver, binoculars etc but could not be brought out because of the wounded. (successive patrols were sent out and recovered Burgess' body )

Moore's service sheet states 'shrapnel wounds right side of body. He was taken to the American Mobile Army Surgical Hospital just behind the lines. He died of his wounds two days later, on 13 January 1952 in the Neuro Surg. Ward, aged 19, with the cause of his death being described as a ‘wound, missile, penetrating his spinal cord’. He is buried in the United Nations Military Cemetery, Tanggok, Korea.

With copy  Record of Service and the Battalion War Diary for the period 

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