Crimea, 17th Lancers, wounded, taken prisoner and died in Russian hands, officially impressed. A recipient well documented and whose letters home whilst a prisoner were published

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Crimea, Alma, Balaklava, Sebastopol

Corpl. J. Hall, 17th Lancers.

Wounded in the charge, taken prisoner of war he died from the effects of the amputation of his leg Simpheropol.

L.G. 16/11/1854 under killed or missing

James Hall, born Newbridge, Leics.  ( date unknown). His father settled in Leicestershire with his family where he was a staff sergeant with the Leicestershire Yeomanry. A servant prior to enlistment. James Hall wrote several letters home that were printed in the Leicester Advertiser

Leicester Advertiser 18th November 1854. Letter dated October the 29th 1854 "Near Balaklava".

'My dear father,- I am just about to send you a few lines to let you know I am alive, for I have no doubt but you will hear of the disaster which befell the Light Brigade of Cavalry on the 25th; on which occasion I received a ball in my leg below the knee which broke it. but I have got it set again all right, and am getting on as well as can be expected for the time. I am a prisoner of war in the Russian camp, and am going to be sent to Simpheropol in the morning. There are about fifty prisoners here altogether (some very badly wounded) belonging to our Brigade. I cannot tell you the particulars  this time, but will embrace the first opportunity of writing  again, and tell you more particulars about it, for I have but a short time to write as our letters are wanted to be sent away in a few minutes, so I thought it would prevent you from thinking that I might have been killed on the field, as the regiment does not know what has become of me. The Russians have been very kind to us; in fact, I am scarcely able to return sufficient thanks to them. I only hope they will be recompensed by the British Army showing the same to those who have the misfortune to become prisoners of war."Give my kind love to all at home, and believe me to remainmy dear father your affectionate Son, James Hall.'

Letter dated 24th November 1854

'My dear father and mother I heartily return thanks to Almighty God that he has spared my life, and brought me through the trials and troubles of this world. I am most happy to tell you that my leg is getting on famously, and that with God's help I shall soon be able to get about. I shall not commence to soon. i cannot write to you without telling you what kind people there are in Russia. I must say that I am nearly treated like a gentleman; and if the Almighty spares me to return to my native home, I shall always be talking of the kindness they have shown me, I don't like to sit up too long; but be kind enough to ask John Fletcher to send me a copy of  "He comes with clouds descending" I shall tell you of all the news of my travels on my return. I suppose you have my other letter, and one from the Colonel. Please kiss my dear sisters for me, and pray both morning and evening - I myself do. 'I now conclude  with my kind love to you all, and remain , your affectionate Son, "Jas Hall" 

P.S. I was near forgetting to tell you that it was my right leg that is taken off.'

From 'In Search of the Light Brigade' by Crider

Memoir of  man of Hall's troop

'We started back up the field at a gallop with the mounted cannon and were near the place I had seen Lord Cardigan, when a large body of Cossacks charged, who appeared from behind a hill and surrounded our group....there was no alternative but to ride through or surrender to the Cossacks.....more  members of the Light Brigade were riding around, some of them wounded - fighting as best they could. Corporal Hall of my own troop, had his lance trailing about and covered in blood. Hall was captured and died of amputation of the leg.'

A few light edge bruises. An emotive medal. Rarely offered with writings of this depth

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