Crimea 3 clasps, Alma, Inkermann, Sebastopol Captain 20th Foot, officially impressed, died during the seige of Sebastopol, 10/12/1854

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Crimea,  3 clasps, Alma, Inkermann, Sebastopol

Capt R. L. Lye. 20th Regt., officially impressed, 

Captain Richard Leigh Lye,  born c. 1820, the son of Dr John Bleeck Lye, of  Hereford,  Ensign in the 20th  Foot, 1837,   Lieutenant 1839,  Captain  1845. 

He was present with his regiment in the Crimea, taking part in the battles of Alma, Inkermann, and Sebastopol. At Inkermann in particular, the 20th took part in vicious hand to hand fighting, and made a gallant bayonet charge against the  Russians.

Captain Lye, died during the Siege of Sebastopol, 10/12/1854

From Salisbury and Winchester Journal, 6 January 1855,

‘10th ult., (died) in the camp before Sebastopol, Capt. Richard Leigh Lye, of the 20th Regiment of Foot, only son of Dr. Bleeck Lye, of Hereford, and nephew Capt. Leigh Lye, of Bath. This promising officer, after gallantly leading his company in the thickest of the fight at Inkermann, has since sunk, worn down by fatigue and exposure. He was much esteemed and beloved by his brother officers for his worth and friendship in the days of peace, and for his true bravery and courage in the hour of danger.’

A monument to Captain Lye was raised in his honour at the officers’ graveyard at Cathcart Hill.

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