M.G.S. 4 clasps 6th Foot. Wounded 3 times at Orthes (twice severely) and discharged in consequence

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M.G.S. 4 clasps, Corunna, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Orthes

Jas. Gorten, 6th Foot.

Wounded 3 times at Orthes, 27/2/1814, (twice severely) and discharged in consequence

Jas Gorton of Little Hulton, Manchester, b. 1781

Copy of discharge documents (in pdf form) stating discharged in consequence , severely wounded right cheek, knee and left hand at Orthes.

Included is Gorton's/Gorten's petition for assitance in 1818, then residing in Eccles, Manchester, in which he states '...'I had the misfortune to be wounded three times at the battle of Orthes, Feby. 1814, wounded slightly in the left hand, wounded severely by a musket ball which entered under my right cheek, which penetrated through my neck and nearly deprived me of the sight of my right eye, likewise wounded in the knee severely by a musket ball which has never been extracted which rendered me incapable of earning my bread. Awarded 6d. pension, applied to increase to 9d. 1852 but died 2/12/1852

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