Naval General Service clasp, Gaieta 24 July 1815

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Naval General Service  clasp, Gaieta 24 July 1815
Thomas Vernon
Served as Quarter Gunner, H.M.S. Berwick
A total of 89 clasps issued for this action.
Gaieta, in the Kingdom of Naples, held out in the cause of Napoleon for several weeks after the battle of Waterloo. An Austrian force under Baron de Lauer invested the place by land, and the British ships Malta, 80 guns, under Captain W. Fahie, and Berwick, 74 guns, under Captain E. Brace, blockaded it by sea. After several bombardments, the Governor having been informed by Captain Fahie of the surrender of Napoleon to Captain Maitland in the Bellerophon, the place capitulated on August 8th, the final chapter in the war against Napoleon.
A second Thomas Vernon appears on the medal rolls however as a Sergeant Royal Marines, H.M.S. Dreadnought with clasp Trafalgar
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